Digital platform

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Event Promotion

  • Promote Events

  • Use the Newsfeed to release upcoming information about your Event

  • Event registration integrates directly with the Uventex Event Management Platform

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  • Cross-platform advertising capabilities

  • Events can advertise directly to Clubs and Club members

  • Clubs can advertise through Events

  • Corporate sponsors can advertise through News, Clubs, or Events

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Ресурс 15.png

Club Promotion

  • Display and promote your Club to local customers via Maps and Newsfeed

  • Prospective students can communicate directly through the Digital Platform to the Club’s Studio Management System


  • View News Feed from Clubs, Events, or 3rd party advertisers

  • Expand on any News to view full story

  • Customize viewer’s News Feed using advanced

  • Filters

  • Advertise upcoming Events or Club activities

Customer Capabilities

  • Search multiple sports, events, and other activities in your area

  • View your user oriented default page, based on location and user behavior

  • Location based map view allows customers to conveniently

  • view local clubs and events

  • Register for any Event or Club using one profile and one

  • platform

  • Use Filters to customize search and map view

  • Use social media tools to participate in an online community

Advertising Capabilities

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2021-06-08 18.39.06.jpg
2021-06-08 18.39.06.jpg
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