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Uventex Labs offers solutions to over 30,000 sports clubs and federations, catering to over 500,000 athletes. The platform provides an all-in-one sports management solution for events and clubs, including federations and franchises.

Sports management technology

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Challenging Digital

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Stagnated technological modernization of the sports industry opens the opportunity to bring one hub for all sports. The sport industry lacks a single virtual space for all events, media, athletes, e-commerce, leagues, studios, gyms, arenas, and more. Digital technology unlocks unprecedented opportunities for growth. To keep up with the rapid upheaval, the sports industry needs to transform its technologies, processes, and people.

The Solution to the Challenging State of Digital Change in the Sport Industry

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Why us?

Uventex Labs presents the Sports Hub uniting its two leading software solutions for event and studio management. Our natural globalization instigates the continuous implementation of the latest technology, the best practices of simplification UX/UI, and the most competitive tournament logistics. Event and Studio Virtuality of Sports Sports Hub  establishes a new market of untapped potential of any sport.

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Why us?

why us

Sports hub

Sports Hub is an every-sport ecosystem designed to accelerate the sport industry's development pace — broaden media reach, drive customer experience, generate new revenue, and engage sponsors while creating conditions for large-scale and long-term growth.

Sports Hub

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Uventex Studio Management

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  • Reports and marketing

  • Scoreboards, rankings, and tabulation

  • Registration and check-in

  • Video streaming, LIVE scoring and

  • Uventex TV

  • Payments and invoicing

  • Online Store

  • Logistics

Sports Hub
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To support any league 360 degrees, our Sports Hub offers membership payments, reports, ID cards, regions/clubs, and staff/officials management.

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League management

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