Studio Management

Studio Settings

  • Designate Styles and Levels

  • Create Milestone and Progress requirements

  • Create Facilities and set capacity and Styles

  • Create and assign Roles

  • Assign one or multiple privileges

  • Assign roles to Students or Employees

  • Design Programs and Offer Packages

  • Manage your Stripe Account

  • Set Up Recurring Billing

  • Create Distribution lists and Automatic Notifications

  • Create Classes

  • Manage Schedules



  • Create Classes and Schedules

  • Easily take Attendance

  • Add Students to Classes

  • Accept multiple payment methods

  • Award singular or mass Milestones

  • View Attendance Reports

  • Customer check-in on Mobile App

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Ресурс 13.png

Customer Management

  • Manage your active and prospective Students

  • Easily store and edit Customer information

  • Manage Customer Programs and Offers

  • Assign one or multiple Programs or Styles

  • Prorated Payments

  • Personalized Discounts

  • Manage one or multiple Students under a single account

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  • Set Up Milestones and Levels

  • Track Milestone and Level completion

  • Create Free Passage or Step by Step Milestones

  • Level Up/Down students as a Coach

  • Coaches can send students notes

  • Instructors can view/manage Milestone and Level progress

  • Customers can view progress

  • Create and edit Distribution Lists

  • Set manual and automatic Notifications

  • Set personalized notification parameters

  • Add attachments and external emails to manual notifications


  • Overview your Studio in Billing Report

  • View and process Cash Payments

  • Manage and view Invoices

  • View basic Studio metrics

  • Use filters to make Reporting easy

  • Monitor Future Payments

  • Add and edit products

  • Create categories and apply Attributes

  • Accept cash or credit card payments

  • Record dynamic inventory sets

  • Support custom pricing

  • Monitor multiple inventory levels

  • Manage and execute Orders

  • Check your Studio’s Purchase History

  • Review your Online Store Report

  • Design and publish your Curriculum

  • Choose between Free and Paid Curriculum

  • Upload text, PDF, or other document types

  • Publish one or multiple Curriculums

  • Give students 24/7 access to your Curriculum

  • Accessible Online or Downloadable

  • Students can easily access online curriculum from the MYuventexStudio Mobile App

Online Curriculum

Online Store


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