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Uventex Sports Hub Studio Management
Uventex Sports Hub

Uventex Sports Hub Studio Management

Studio Management

You don't need to be a top manager or accountant — the functionality is so simple that everything is available in a couple of clicks!

Management Dashboard

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Smart insights: make data-driven decisions with the smart dashboard

Effortless payments: streamline your finances with seamless sayment tracking

Student success: stay ahead of the game with active student statistics

Retail ruler: analyze and improve your online store sales with ease

Payment pro: quickly resolve failed payments with just one click

Scheduling superstar: stay on top of your class schedule with ease

Financial forecast: get ahead of the game with accurate revenue predictions

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Automated invoicing and Payments

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Multiply payment methods: Cash, Check, Credit and Debit Cards, ACH

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Accept and refund any payment method

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Automated invoicing for recurring contracts

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Automated payment collection for ACH and Credit Card invoicing

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Schedule attendance

Kiosk mark yourself present using a tablet at a studio

Self check-in students report their intent to attend with their mobile device

Friendly interface to manage group, private, recurring, and one-time classes, time and date, facility, and coach

Coach check students in using any mobile device

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Reports and notifications stay informed and notify students missing classes to increase customer retention

Membership Management

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New members — electronic contracts including disclaimers with digital signatures

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Invoices — automated invoicing with credit cards, ACH, cash for customized periods

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Member attributes — age, skill level, contact information, emergency contact, active status, referral source

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Multiple Styles, Facilities, and Programs

Styles/Activities — add as many customizable styles/activities as you need (i.e., karate, swimming, guitar)

Levels — add customizable levels for each style/activity as well as any default required achievement milestones required to proceed to the next level (i.e., skills, classes attended, testing)

Facilities — Create customized facility locations for on-site, off-site, or virtual activities / classes. Facilities can be configured based on a limited number of students

PROGRAMS — Create different programs offerings with pricing base each style/activity, level, and age group. The offerings can be private or public so your customers can sign up on-line

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Maximize student success and stay ahead of the game with the power of student tracking in Uventex! Our intuitive and user-friendly interface allows coaches to quickly and easily mark student achievements, upgrade student levels, and provide valuable feedback in the form of comments that can be viewed by students and parents in their personal accounts. The system also enables coaches to customize milestone requirements and adjust the path to success for each student, ensuring that they receive the individualized attention and support they need to thrive. With Uventex, you can unlock your students' full potential and help them reach their goals faster and more effectively.

Track students’ progress

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Online Store

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Merchandise — easily add product images and pricing to the online store

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Point of sale — sell your merchandise directly to your customers via point of sale web interface kiosk or confirm and manage orders submitted directly by your customers via their user portal

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Reports — view sales reports including product movement statistics

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Online Store

Uventex Studios offers online and in-person classes, tailored curriculum, role management, and notifications. With online and in-person classes, coaches and students have maximum flexibility in their experience. The curriculum feature is designed to meet each studios' unique needs. Role management simplifies the process of assigning roles and managing team members. Notifications keep everyone up-to-date with class schedules, curriculum changes, and important updates. Our platform provides the tools necessary to manage every aspect of your studio seamlessly. Whether you are a coach, a studio owner, a student, or a parent, our software makes your life easier. It's the best solution for streamlining your studio management processes.

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Less than 75 students

$125/mo Billed Yearly

$150/mo Billed Monthly



75–200 students

$150/mo Billed Yearly

$175/mo Billed Monthly



201-500 students

$175/mo Billed Yearly

$200/mo Billed Monthly

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500+ students

Billed Yearly

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