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Alyona’s true pleasure is to draw by hand, she is our web designer and takes on creative advertising challenges. Alyona is raising two rats and especially loves when we can laugh on online meetings, talk about abstract topics and choose fancy tasks.

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Renata moved from the SMM to the sphere of marketing because she is motivated by a desire to study human behavior. Her superpower is to be inspired, Renata knows the secret of easy and beautiful finds in familiar things - that's how she gets ideas.

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Customer care specialist

After spending 5 minutes talking to Diego, you realize that the word “care” is absolutely about him. He really takes care of all our customers' requests, from the organizers of the events to the competitors. Diego is attentive to detail and does a great job providing top-notch customer service.

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The main thing for Denis is to bring his own vision to everything he does. His videos are distinguished by originality and the photos - by an abundance of unusual processing. He is responsible for Uventex’s beauty and has a creative approach to work and hobbies.

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Evgeny is the most multifunctional designer! Active recreation and sporty lifestyle are about him - he fully shares the company's values. Evgeny has that independence, consistency, and perseverance everyone can envy.

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Project Manager and System Analyst

Dariia communicates with all the Uventex departments, and especially with developers - she accompanies their work with help and monitor the work rates. She is always organized, self-motivated, and able to solve the issue of everyone in the team, for this we value her.