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A tribute to rhythmic gymnastics

Updated: Nov 9, 2022

As you know, many martial arts events choose Uventex Sports Hub. But keep in mind that Uventex is a sports hub that unites all types of sports events. We want to share with you some of our successes in rhythmic gymnastics and pay tribute to such a beautiful, gracious, and laborious sport.

A little about our preparation for competitions… Each sport has its own scoring and judging system, and of course, we take this into account when preparing for events.

Since the system is highly flexible, a thorough study of the rules and process of judging is one of the stages of preparation.

In the beginning, we get the document that contains information about tournament categories, dates, conditions, and limitations to create the tournament page on where athletes will register.

As an organizer, in our system, you can assign roles to coaches and administrators with their own functionality or give permissions to access certain components of your tournament. You can also organize a tournament where gymnasts perform on a floor with a rope, hoop, ball, clubs, or ribbon accompanied by music in individual or group events. The judges at the tournaments use Uventex Judges App — a special app to assign scores, technical and artistic. Under your guidance for in-person rhythmic gymnastics tournaments, the system compiles a starting protocol in which all names, sports schools, ages, categories, and performance timestamps are listed.

Rightfully claiming the most valuable tech support in the event management industry, our customer service representatives attend your event to provide on-site assistance.

Last year we brought a series of rhythmic gymnastics virtual events. This was a great experience and the embodiment of our love for such an elegant sport! Of course, we gave a huge upgrade to pre-recorded and live events during the pandemic.

In the past two years, we saw how even the most strenuous restrictions were eventually lifted, and the in-person events resumed. Some athletes now compete in online events simply because they like the new modality.

Virtual tournaments have undoubtedly inspired all of us! Athletes from all over the world improve skills with no borders, which were completely broken down by the industry's transformation. We also formed detailed requirements and useful instructions on how to properly record and upload videos.

Let's devote a paragraph here to our virtual RG Championships, which took place in the spring and summer of 2021. First, we should note that competing in these rhythmic gymnastics events accumulated points in Athletes Rankings, the worldwide rankings of most active athletes.

Every competitor has had a chance to declare themselves to the whole world!

We brought the most outstanding judges who evaluated the skills of each competitor in accordance with FIG (Fédération Internationale de Gymnastique) rules. We have been delighted and welcomed each new country from which a participant joined us. To provide a personal touch, we drew beautiful invitations to highlight every gymnast. We also love the role of the coaches who find the talent in each gymnast.

With every RG event, Uventex TV polishes a unique experience on the grandiose scale of the RG event — as if you were at an in-person tournament!

Live streaming includes all performances and is available after the event. Uventex Sports Hub gives the audience the ambiance of a real world-level event we are proud of.

And finally, a couple of facts about our work at other rhythmic gymnastics tournaments. At the Capella RG Star tournament, we conducted live streaming on Uventex TV. Our highly skilled design team drew over 70 competitors for every participant to have a lasting memory of their own unique avatar.

Whoa! And that’s just the beginning of our story we are here to share with you! Hope we managed to impress you, and you will join us next time as a spectator of the broadcast or already as a promoter to host your event on our platform.

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