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What type of tournament is meant for you?

Updated: Aug 29, 2022

There are three common types of tournaments that promoters choose. All three types can be combined and become “hybrids,” depending on the needs and the specifics of a tournament. Uventex provides technology for all of the combinations. Here you can learn about each type and identify which criteria best fit your event.

#1 In-person sports events

This is the case of a classical type of event, which has existed for as long as the first competition took place. The tournament takes place in an area Y in a city X — all athletes come to an area Y in a city X to compete. Athletes gather to compete, and the judges evaluate the performance in person.

#2 Live sports events

Judges and athletes are remotely located worldwide, and the tournament takes place online, where everyone watches the live broadcast. Athletes perform their routines live with a camera pointed at them. In this case, judges evaluate the performance live. Such tournaments open up more opportunities for all participants — absolutely everyone involved can be anywhere on the planet, including judges, competitors, organizers, promoters, audience, etc. Everything happens online and in real-time.

#3 Pre-recorded (Virtual) sports events

Before a specific deadline, which the organizers must announce in advance, the athlete uploads videos of their performance. So every athlete performs their best in a pre-recorded format. The judges view the videos and report the results after a while. The principle of universal access to tournaments also applies here.

As we said initially, any combination of these three formats is possible when Uventex powers an event. Virtual competitions completely broke down borders. Let’s talk about hybrid types. With a combination of the three types, you welcome athletes to choose how to perform - in pre-recorded, live, or in-person format. You can even invite some participants to compete in a live or pre-recorded form while your event is in-person. An athlete or a judge can't come due to their circumstances? Welcome online! Also, don’t forget that any event can be broadcasted on Uventex TV.

All options are open, and all combinations and possibilities are your choices because the event format can be completely customized to your needs! You can take different parts of one format and combine them with another. You choose what works better for you!

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