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Everything you wanted to know about UventexTV!

Updated: Aug 29, 2022

UventexTV is a platform built into for broadcasting your events. It can be a great addition so viewers who cannot attend the event can watch and cheer for the athletes. We provide all the broadcast setup through the system. That is, we prepare everything:

  • for promoter so that you only have to set up and connect the necessary technical equipment and start the broadcast,

  • for the viewers to easily buy online tickets and enjoy the event.

The events broadcast on UventexTV are divided into two types: live and pre-recorded. Thus, we provide live streaming, or respectively we can edit a virtual or in-person event recorded by you and then set a show date. What is included in the basic setup on our part? First, this is the date of the broadcast and its start time, then ticket price, donations and discount codes, player library configuration, and excellent screens. You also decide whether your event will be broadcasted in pay-per-view (PPV) or video-on-demand (VOD) format.

Promoters often prefer to integrate the broadcast page into their event page. When you go to the tournament page on, you see a section UventexTV, and if you want to, it is also possible to create a separate page for your broadcast.

After clicking on UventexTV, there is a Shopping Cart on the right where everything the viewer chooses to buy is visible. The online tickets and donations can be paid at any time, weeks, or hours before the event.

To make a purchase, the user must log in to their account on This is necessary so that if they drop from the broadcast and then want to go back, the access is still available. Payment for purchases is possible only by card. If the user buys several tickets, they will be able to watch the broadcast from several devices. If you decide to make access free, after “the purchase,” the user will be immediately transferred to the broadcast.

We provide UventexTV broadcasts for such significant competitions as the Grand National Ocean State and virtual Rhythmic Gymnastics Championships. Virtual Fight Tour and BX Cage Fight have already chosen our platform to show their fights permanently.

Join us to make your events unforgettable! Please get in touch with us to get a free consultation.

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