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And what else besides tournaments?

Updated: Aug 29, 2022

Earlier, we told you about the tournaments that Uventex can power. If you haven't read the article about the types of tournaments and their specifics yet, click the button bellow! It will help you decide and make the right choice in favor of a format perfectly suitable for your tournament.

We are constantly communicating with our customers and sharing that can provide technical support for ANY sports event.

This is true — the platform is multifunctional and can fully adapt to your request. But its multifunctionality is also reflected in many types of events that Uventex facilitates. The world of events is not just about tournaments, but only a starting point!

Uventex completely covers the automatization of ALL events' registration and payment processes. Let’s start with masterclasses and training sessions using the example of our partnership with Adidas. Adidas Sports Combat has repeatedly held virtual Kata and Kumite masterclasses on our platform together with invited titled stars, European and World WKF Champions. The participants got an excellent and inspiring opportunity to train with great and experienced instructors and learn from their heroes. We think these masterclasses embody “Impossible is nothing”; the main thing is to improve your skills continuously. Also, we had a Training Session organized by Adidas Runners. This functional training was led by Dilyara Bukarar, the Adidas ambassador in Ukraine.

The next type of event is seminars and conferences. As we said initially, we automate the registration and the fee payment processing. But also, don’t forget that the event can be in-person or virtual. When planning all participants and speakers to attend the event in person at the venue, we got you covered, ensuring that their registration will be fast and convenient. If you opt for an online one, then welcome to the world without borders — the world of virtual events. You can invite everyone to join online or only a specific group — it’s up to you.

We should highlight pay-per-view events (PPV) and video-on-demand events (VOD) separately. These two formats are usually chosen to hold fighting events. We provide the broadcasting on UventexTV, for which you set the price by yourself. Also, pay attention that you can pre-record your event in advance to show the edited version on the broadcasting or you can show the event live. Our marketing team knows how to make impressive and exciting video editing which includes information about athletes and their scores. UventexTV opens up a lot of new horizons.

And finally, let's talk about banquets. In addition to all of the above, the preparation for in-person events and banquets includes the assignment of the seats by our system if it’s needed. Moreover, each registered guest can tell us their wishes about who they want to sit with and where. And we, in turn, will make it happen for them all!


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