Latest Uventex Studios release highlights 🤖

Updated: Jun 13

This is the second article about releases from Uventex Labs developers. Let’s keep the history of the development of our two great products separate. Here we want to capture the essential stages of Uventex Studios elaboration so that in the future, we can come back here and get nostalgic. We are very sentimental and caring about our products' growth! Watch out for updates. Historical developments of sports technology are being written right here!

May 2022

We’ve launched a major and massive Uventex Studios upgrade. This includes an update of the entire look and the Add member user-friendly functionality that allows account holders and studio owners quickly and efficiently work with member profiles. Uventex Labs' talented team is a driving force of our constantly improving product!


April 2022

That wasn't easy to keep secret before the release — an updated Become a member feature. This function allows new and already registered account holders to experience a much lighter and friendlier CRM system than ever before.


We made it even simpler — Become a member feature will guide a client step by step from an account holder registration and adding new members to choosing programs and making a payment. The customers don’t need to spend hours filling out forms and examining how to use the system. They only need to fill in the information, decide on an offer and make a purchase. This update is also designed to help studio owners, making it effortless for clients to make a purchase and to walk the customer's path without any assistance.

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