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Latest Uventex Studios release highlights 🤖

This is the second article about releases from Uventex Labs developers. Let’s keep the history of the development of our two great products separate. Here, we capture the essential stages of Uventex Studios elaboration so we can return here and get nostalgic. We are very sentimental and caring about our products' growth! Watch out for updates. Historical developments of sports technology are being written right here!

November 2022

  • What would you do if you noticed that some things are better stored away and some are at your fingertips? You organize it! We love to make it organized and convenient – smooth and stylish. We moved the Role Management, Schedules, Milestones, and Curriculum from the Studio Settings section and put them in the Main Menu for your convenience. As for your staff members, they see only the functionalities corresponding to the assigned privileges for their roles!

  • The Attendance and the Schedule are now in one place, where you create and edit classes and schedules (tournaments creation coming soon ), and manage the attendance too!

  • Account holders also did not go unheeded in November! My Orders section contains the most detailed information about orders from the studio’s online store. Your customers make purchases and track them with pleasure!

October 2022

Who might have thought setting up and managing programs and offers could be so easy in your studio? You, because your choice is Uventex Studios!

Select an offer type, choose a couple of parameters and voila – your special offer is ready!

By the way, Curriculum, the instrument a student owner uses to share training and educational material with students, had gone through incredible changes for studio owners too.

September 2022

There are two sides from which you can look at Uventex Studios as a user: the owner and the member. Of course, the number of tools for the owner is much larger. However, we care about improving the user experience of your customers to the same extent and take not only management, but also membership to a new level. Let's start with the releases from the member's side!

  • Just look at the Attendance! Your customers now view all members of one account and their attendance at once and react quickly if anyone falls behind!

  • Next, user-friendly Milestones and Curriculum are a perfect pair – now at their fingertips – to track progress, to celebrate new achievements, to prepare for the next test, or to refresh skills for an upcoming competition!

As for the studio owner:

  • First, Notifications. You keep in touch with your customers by emailing and messaging, but are you doing it efficiently? Uventex Studios allows you to create custom contact groups – for your staff, students from the 5 pm class, and competition team, and yes, you can send an announcement to an entire studio. All done with your success in mind!

  • Second, Milestones. Track and manage your members' skill levels step-by-step or in random order that you specified in the Program’s settings. Check it out; we are waiting for your reactions!

  • We shared new Online Store Inventory features and management with you. Now a little bit about making purchases in August. Customers can add a new payment method and a promo code at checkout as well as studio owners while making the order applied to the account holder. Simple, convenient, and user-friendly – always with Uventex Studios!

August 2022

We have prepared a lot of new things in Online store Inventory and product creation and management. Let's start with the Inventory section!

  • Easy promo codes and categories are easy to edit due to Uventex Studios' friendly interface and auto-promo code feature, which allows your customer to get a discount without entering a code.

  • Our favorite part… product creation and management. Firstly, you can upload several images to one product so your customers can explore the product from all sides! Secondly, each product can have a status set by you: public, draft, and coming soon. Thirdly, added product options allow you to manage product combinations separately. For example, if the quantity or price of yellow M hats differs from others, you can easily set it up! Once again, every Uventex Studios section and page have filters, so you don’t need to scroll and search.

  • And finally, upload the public Online store banner to be recognizable on Uventex Sports Hub! We wish you and us a productive September!

July 2022

  • Add member and editing profile features have improved even further! We adjusted fields and forms to gain a better visual appearance and arranged them according to our user experience analytics.

  • Account holders have an essential update to account deletion. This update is vital regarding the privacy policy and the possibility of removing the profile without studio staff participation.

June 2022

  • The Online store of Uventex Studios is officially better than a swiss watch! In June, we redesigned the Orders management to simplify user navigation. Moreover, the Sports Hub public store orders are synchronized with the Studios store activities. Head over to the Orders management and enjoy this gem!

  • Studio owner, staff, and account holder profile editing, including personal data editing and password change, is now quick and straightforward. Everyone can do it independently with our updated Add member feature and other necessary improvements.

  • E-signatures are now fully implemented in Uventex Studios! Your studio has policies and contracts to be signed by your customers? Use an electronic signature with confidence!

May 2022

We’ve launched a major and massive Uventex Studios upgrade. This includes an update of the entire look and the Add member user-friendly functionality that allows account holders and studio owners quickly and efficiently work with member profiles. Uventex Labs' talented team is a driving force of our constantly improving product!

April 2022

That wasn't easy to keep secret before the release — an updated Become a member feature. This function allows new and already registered account holders to experience a much lighter and friendlier CRM system than ever before.

We made it even simpler — Become a member feature will guide a client step by step from an account holder registration and adding new members to choosing programs and making a payment. The customers don’t need to spend hours filling out forms and examining how to use the system. They only need to fill in the information, decide on an offer and make a purchase. This update is also designed to help studio owners, making it effortless for clients to make a purchase and to walk the customer's path without any assistance.


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