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Uventex Labs and Tiger&Dragon Association jointly represent tech sports in Germany

Updated: Aug 29, 2022

Uventex Labs, a provider of the most advanced sports software, announces its partnership with Tiger & Dragon Association (TDA Int’l), the International Martial Arts league with German DNA, in the quality of the first company’s customer in the German market of in-person tournaments and studios. Tiger & Dragon Association is becoming an example for other European sports organizations of how to technologically modernize business using Uventex Labs products.

This strategic partnership in the heart of Europe shows the need for a quality sports events and studios solution like never before. According to the agreement of the two companies, several in-person events will be held in Germany this fall with Uventex Labs products. Interesting to note that Tiger & Dragon Association is already using the Uventex Studios CRM system to elevate and simplify their business management.

Sascha Schreiner, Tiger & Dragon Association founder and president: “This partnership means a significant reduction in workload for us as a business structure. We have reached our limits with the old software, and, on the contrary, Uventex Labs' product is easy to use and contains 100% perfect everything we need for holding events. In addition, we can finally introduce a ranking system and honor the top-ranked players individually at the end of the year.“

Moshe Gershberg, Uventex Labs founder and CEO: “Of course, entering a new market is always exciting. The fact that TDA Int’l approached us with the firm decision to fully implement Uventex Sports Hub, consisting of league, studios and events management, signifies the great demand throughout. Due to Tiger & Dragon Association’s complexity and diversity, people see clearly how flexible and adaptable our system is.“

About Uventex

Uventex Labs is changing the sports industry where events and studios are managed by paper processes. Since 2013 Uventex Labs makes sports available to everyone globally, regardless of the physical location, and with the latest technologies on the market. The company introduced our Sports Hub that unites two large sports business directions: events and studios management. Uventex Sports Hub is effective and beneficial for promoters, sports schools, studio owners, coaches, leagues, federations and athletes, students, and their cheerleaders.

About Tiger & Dragon Association

Founded in 2004, Tiger & Dragon Association is a martial arts organization open to all styles and dojos without the association politics and memberships. Since 2013 TDA Int’l has been independently organizing tournaments supplemented with world championships from 2019. The association also holds seminars, training, and belt examinations, offers certificates and membership passes for all styles and assists members with the production of equipment and clothing lines.


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