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A platform for running sports events came about due to the desire to improve the existing system. One of the co-founders of Uventex Labs, Moshe Gershberg, has been practicing various martial arts since early childhood. Moshe's sports career meant constant traveling around the states to participate in competitions.

It is necessary to understand that karate competition used to be a lot of paperwork: many mistakes, depersonalized athletes, delays in registration, and long ratings. Competing in this system, Moshe saw the need firsthand to automate these processes — that’s how the inspiration came to create

In 2013, Moshe and Tatiana began developing a platform, Uventex Events, to manage sports competitions. The first steps were focused on automation of registration and fee payments from athletes to the organizers, then — on logistics and technological support of in-person, virtual, live, and mixed events.

To instill an interest in sports and a desire to develop, to create comfort for participants, to introduce rankings and cards of athletes, to allow promoting tournaments and participating in them from anywhere in the world — it's all about here and now.

The platform can support tournaments, championships, games, contests, meets, playoffs, conferences, invitationals, combats, bouts, but sports accessible to everyone in the world remain the company's main focus.

As the platform had developed and served more and more tourneys, the number of customers who desired to use Uventex Studios grew rapidly. In 2018, after a deep analysis of the market, the engineering of Uventex Studios, which became possible with the arrival of investors, began.

This unique product submits more than a CRM system as a sales funnel for sports businesses.

This is the system for sports clubs and leagues management — from membership management, scheduling, attendance, and direct communication with students and coaches to invoicing and reporting, online store, and convenient customer interface. The best tools available in a couple of clicks and comprehensive support are the core of Uventex Studios' success story.

We are constantly improving our products as well as we are moving towards uniting them into one Uventex Sports Hub ecosystem.

At each stage of development, the Uventex Labs team has been always complete with talents from around the world: developers, architects, sales and customer support specialists, marketing and design gurus, and friends of the company.

We are happy and proud that the need to evolve sports has brought us so close together. Our vision of improving and integrating our products allows club and league owners, athletes, coaches, promoters, and everyone involved in sports to use one ecosystem is becoming a reality.

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