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Updated: May 18

Here we have brought the latest upgrades that we have launched to make our service as convenient and straightforward as possible. Our team will update this article as new releases arrive. Here, we want to capture milestones in the Uventex Sports Hub’s development as an anthology of the path we have traveled together. Thus, scrolling down, you will find older posts. Stay tuned for more news in every post ahead!

Special thanks to our talented development team!

April 2022

April brought us three releases. Improvements affected the scorekeeper and spectator screens, the live scoring system, and live broadcasting.

About everything in order:

  • Firstly, we improved the screens for forms division - now scorekeeper and spectators see total scores after judging is complete. This system development increases the coherence and consistency level of the course of the event, so the observing and managing processes become smoother.

  • In the second part, we added new unique features to our enhanced live scoring system, which show how much we care about everyone at the event. Now scores are on screens in real-time for sparring and forms division, and the audience is fully engaged at the venue or remotely anywhere in the world.

  • The third part of our April release is the improvement of live broadcasting. First of all, it became possible to keep track of the scores, and their clubs right on Youtube or Facebook broadcast. Our designers also prepared a new lovely background for the stream. And secondly, our system automatically generates a winner's card in the sparring competition. When the sparring is over, and the judges have made a decision, the announcement of the winner is on the screens. Take pictures!

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