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Here we have brought the latest upgrades that we have launched to make our service as convenient and straightforward as possible. Our team will update this article as new releases arrive. Here, we want to capture milestones in the Uventex Sports Hub’s development as an anthology of the path we have traveled together. Thus, scrolling down, you will find older posts. Stay tuned for more news in every post ahead!

Special thanks to our talented development team!

September-October 2022

  • We have several registration options: general, clubs, regions, and federations registrations. As for the last two, we’ve added access to register clubs and competitors to Regional Directors and Representatives with the subsequent choice of time for passing the check-in. By the way, the system can now assign individual IDs to competitors you might search for at check-in reports!

  • According to WUKF rules, there is a 1 or 2 rounds before the kata finals. Then, the competitor’s points from the last round and the finals summarize, and that’s how the final standings are formed! Also, now you can enable and set Rainbow Adjustment scores that would be automatically added to the scores given by judges.

  • Check our new scoreboards for WUKF: perfect in every way, compliant with every rule, and designed to satisfy every participant! We are happy to hear your feedback on the newly redesigned timetable too! The draws section on the event page can be easily filtered by the federation, competitor’s name, coach, and many more. Of course, the Download and email options are there too! All approved by WUKF!

August 2022

To adapt and satisfy all customer requests is the slogan of August!

  • News from NASKA Forms and Weapons special categories where athletes perform two times: first in one order, then in reverse, and the score is the average between the two performances. Show off your CMX skills.

  • Brand new scoreboards, spectators, and scorekeeper screens per WUKF rules were already effectively tested at Kanzen All Stars Inter-Club Championships just a week ago! There are two rounds in the Kata categories; only Top-6 athletes get the opportunity to fight in the Finals.

  • As for Kumite competitions, we have added the option to set up warnings and assessments in dependence on organizers' needs.

July 2022

We want to announce it loudly! Welcome to the redesigned that we lovingly call “bleached” among ourselves! Don’t be shy to visit!

  • One word — judo! We have revised, refined, redesigned, and rewritten the whole judo section for the part of the system. Every feature and every line of code followed the world federation rules: new scoreboards, including quarter-final repechage illumination type, Hansoku-make disqualifications, Osaekomi timers, and new spectators screens showing all the above indicators. 100% ready to power judo tourneys!

  • As for the broadcast, the ranking screen with the final results shows all places, scores, and athletes they belong to at the end of the event.

  • Something new has already appeared in the recently released award ceremony: save and replay functions.

June 2022

We prepare all the most advanced features for our dear customers. In June, we finalized such fundamentally essential features as the award ceremony and the timetable and released the assessment system for the youngest athletes!

  • We want every athlete to shine bright. A lavish Award Ceremony is essential for every victory and athlete. A scorekeeper presents places with a simple click. Ta-da! The entire audience sees the medalists' names and flags above the podium specially designed by our team.

  • A critical eye and a desire to be the best in the market allow us to constantly identify what can be made more convenient for the end-user. New Timetable at indeed is the most cutting-edge feature. Now it's easier than ever to check the event schedule — with specs to filter by days and venue areas, special designations of divisions, and past and upcoming battles! We make everyone feel confident and comfortable at the event.

  • GTMA allows their youngest athletes to compete and feel the atmosphere of the best tourneys from the very beginning of their sports life. The system of assessing children's skills differs from the usual one — there's no winner because everyone wins through encouragement. The judges note the advantages of each child individually. We visualized it with unique symbols created by our team. The children sparring categories are specially adjusted to their unique two fights per child format. All scoreboards are exceptionally motivating as we envisioned!

It would seem enough at this point… but not for us! The second part of the release focuses on creating the best outcomes for event organizers and leagues.

  • The scorekeeper can manage the list of division participants even when the divisions have already started. Sometimes an athlete cannot enter the competition right before the start for one reason or another. Don't worry about the hitches and confusion! The scorekeeper can mark the athlete's absence and everything goes smoothly.

  • Now the league can define schools invited to compete at their tournaments. This way, athletes from other schools cannot register for the event.

  • Finally, one more feature for leagues — its points breakdowns can depend on the number of competing athletes in a division, place, and event levels. It is much more challenging to win in the category with a higher number of participants.

May 2022

This month, we worked on what and how the audience sees during the competition. Flip the pictures below to see what and how we've improved!

  • The screen shown right during the Kata or Kumite performances has been updated and looks fantastic!

  • Now, after each qualifying group, spectators see a group ranking with the intermediate results of the Kata competition. We also devoted time to the finals and the battle for bronze, so there’s no one left without pretty screens. The scorekeeper can show the points scored for the competition and highlight the winners.

  • We launched an upgraded design of live-scoring seeing by the audience for traditional Kumite and Kata competitions. Even more precise, even more stylish, even better graphic!

April 2022

April brought us three releases. Improvements affected the scorekeeper and spectator screens, the live scoring system, and live broadcasting.

About everything in order:

  • Firstly, we improved the screens for forms division — now scorekeeper and spectators see total scores after judging is complete. This system development increases the coherence and consistency level of the course of the event, so the observing and managing processes become smoother.

  • In the second part, we added new unique features to our enhanced live scoring system, which show how much we care about everyone at the event. Now scores are on screens in real-time for sparring and forms division, and the audience is fully engaged at the venue or remotely anywhere in the world.

  • The third part of our April release is the improvement of live broadcasting. First of all, it became possible to keep track of the scores, and their clubs right on Youtube or Facebook broadcast. Our designers also prepared a new lovely background for the stream. And secondly, our system automatically generates a winner's card in the sparring competition. When the sparring is over, and the judges have made a decision, the announcement of the winner is on the screens. Take pictures!

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