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Spending the 8th season with the NY Tournaments league is a pleasure

Updated: Sep 14, 2022

The tourneys competitors say they are 100% sure it will be a great event to compete at are the hallmark of NY martial arts events. We’re talking about the incredible circuit of the NY Tournaments league! Their approach and attitude are certainly to watch and learn from, and their promoters are forever role models for professionalism and continuous improvement.

The circuit is the elaborated system consisting of 5 tournaments, running throughout the year. They all have such outstanding qualities as phenomenal management and control, intelligent logistics, smooth running, and fairness which competitors note.

We invite you to participate in the 4th NY Tournaments event this year – The Nationals 2022, an excellent opportunity for newcomers and league-rated competitors to compete with martial arts stars and rack up points for the year's end.

No need to be in NY Tournaments' rating system to compete – the circuit is always open for newcomers. It is worth participating in the last two events – The Nationals 2022, September 18th, and The New York State Martial Arts Championships, November 6th – to accumulate points. The points go toward awards at their annual Awards Banquet. Don’t miss the chance and create lifelong memories from NYTournaments!

Like NYT, we are about quality, preparation, structure, vision, and sequence in the sport technology industry and we provide the utmost service to every event. NY Tournaments keep the highest level in the industry due to honed and proven work processes and constant desire to develop raising the bar for the whole industry.


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