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Virtual tournaments: why do you need it, and how to participate?

Updated: Aug 29, 2022

We are here to make sports accessible to everyone. Therefore, it is of great importance for us to be helpful to every athlete. In this post, we discuss virtual tournaments and answer all the main questions about online competitions.

We start with 6 weighty reasons why an athlete must participate in virtual tournaments. After all, any competition opens so many new avenues. Here and now, we dispel any doubts about online tourneys! Flip the slides below!

Now let's move from theory to practice! As you know, to participate in a virtual tournament, there’s no need to come to the event venue — and this is undoubtedly an important advantage that everyone can see tallying the travel and lodging expenses. Significant savings aside, you need to record your camera performance and upload your video on We have put together a terrific guide for you, where we explain how to make a great video in simple steps. These requirements are easy to fulfill and are essential for your participation to go smoothly.

So, it's time to show what you've been training hard for! Use our tips and get a well-deserved reward for your diligence together with Uventex. Right now, you can find lots of virtual tournaments at — choose the suitable one and grab the camera.

By the way, the registration is open for our third series of virtual tournaments, Continental Worldwide Championships, presented to you by Athletes Rankings. You can read more about it here. We are waiting for you to show your sports spirit!

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