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How do I find tournaments near me to compete and win?

Updated: Aug 29, 2022

We have the answer for you! It's easy to find a tournament you need — Uventex is the tech partner of many sports events. On the event page,, we always have a huge list of tournaments that grows daily! We provide you with a broad choice, so you definitely find the most suitable for you. Use the search bar for a simple name search, and even add a country, type of sport, league, dates, and even an event type!

Competitions that are held on our platform or using our services are very technologically advanced. Whether it's rhythmic or artistic gymnastics contests, sports games, karate, martial arts or dancing tourneys — top class is guaranteed!

We provide a full service to our customers — starting with convenient registration and payment processes, a modern timetable, outstanding coordinating, scorekeeping and judging tools, spectator’s screens, live scoring, broadcasting and artificial intelligence system, facility and ring management, and of course rankings and awards.

All the most advanced technologies are at your fingertips to feel comfortable and confident! And this applies to both live events and virtual ones!

Moreover, as soon as you register at as an athlete, you get a personal account where your digital certificates, results, achievements, and every tournament participation will be saved forever! Join us and don’t forget to update the event page — the list is constantly growing. Compete and improve your skills with Uventex!


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