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Taking you to Tbilisi Grand Prix to make you feel the love we will treasure forever!

Updated: Aug 29, 2022

The magnificence of the Tbilisi Grand Prix is about the Georgian identity and unparalleled hospitality! You have heard us mention the love and care this event boasted on numerous occasions, and we will thank Georgia for it many times more (in this article too).

Apart from that, we also want to tell you about our Georgian experience from the business side. We brought this Karate event a lot of new functionality within tight deadlines, giving us the immensity of positive feedback and new business in return.

Are you intrigued? Let’s go!

While preparing for the tourney, we envisioned our goal and current tasks as an investment in improving the user experience and the company’s presence worldwide. We immediately devised an idea to use more than our key areas of the Uventex Labs event direction at the Tbilisi Grand Prix.

To present new releases in action at such a grandiose worldwide tournament sounded like the perfect opportunity! We are proud of our modern timetable displaying all divisions at all tatamis allowing the audience and athletes to follow the tournament course online. The advanced beautiful visualized Award Ceremony also turned out to be a hit among the medalists and their fans!

We also provided broadcasting and live scoring with our newest animation for changing scores, the enhancement of draws, and an absolute stunner our video review. As for broadcasting, in particular, we partnered with the Ukrainian team, which we have worked with for several years at Rhythmic Gymnastics tournaments, to provide smooth transitions, slowdowns, and advertising. The ads shown on screens during periods when there was no competition at the time were also quite popular. We released the ranking screen that shows the full division results at the end of the event which is a very useful addition to all our sports events tech support.

All these developments have already met our expectations and exceeded the Tbilisi Grand Prix organizers' expectations. The leading martial arts organization’s executives have carefully observed all the details and operations of the system and noted the high professionalism Uventex Labs demonstrated throughout the entire event.

Summarizing all of the above, Tbilisi Grand Prix became an exciting elevation for us. We increased the product’s abilities and managed to present it in the best way! Thus, our investments in the future are already bringing us a lot of business.

Thank you, Tbilisi, Georgia! ❤️


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