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Have brilliant victories, and be aware of everything at the event with Uventex!

Updated: Aug 29, 2022

Such big news deserves special attention! A critical eye and a desire to be the best in the market allow us to constantly identify what can potentially be made more convenient for the end-user.

We want every athlete to shine bright. We want the world to know that every athlete is a person who has walked a unique path. And even small victories over oneself are entitled to a worthy reward! By releasing our new beautiful Award Ceremony for screens, our development, design, and marketing team wanted to say to you that the world sees your talents, labor, and passion for sports. A little about how the Award Ceremony is technically arranged: by pressing Play, the names and flags of the winners appear above the prize places with medals designed and elaborated by our team. Thus, the scorekeeper announces winners from the third to the first place on the screens.

The second part of the release is for everybody involved in the event — an innovational timetable to follow the tournament course quickly and easily! Are you a coach or a parent, and you need to know where and at what time to bring your little athlete? Are you a competitor and want to come a little in advance to the venue where you will perform? Or maybe you want to cheer for a competition of a specific category as a spectator? This advanced feature allows everyone to get the information on the event page in clicks. Use days and venue area filters, сheck the designations of divisions, of past and upcoming battles, and feel confident and comfortable at the event!

We prepare all the most advanced features for our dear customers and everyone for whom they make sports events. We love sports. This little sentence hides a lot of our true values. It seems that sport is about a person in the first place, and then in the second — about the highest achievements. We love sports because people find themselves in them. Sport enriches life and fills it with new goals and aspirations. We constantly communicate with athletes; many of our team have devoted many years of their lives to sports, so we have a good idea of what an internal struggle it is. We have a goal, and we don't see any obstacles — sports must be accessible to everyone! That's how Uventex Sports Hub works!

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