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Uventex is getting bigger… Join us!

Updated: Aug 29, 2022

Since 2013, Uventex Labs has been the leading force in the technological evolution of the sports industry. We made tournaments on paper obsolete and opened doors to the indisputable technology-powered sports events world.

Uventex Labs makes sports accessible to everyone, regardless of their location, with the latest sports technology. Uventex Sports Hub unites two giant sports business directions: events and studio management. This digital platform is for everyone - from visitors to local sports events to esteemed athletes. We create a compelling and valuable platform for promoters, sports schools, studio owners, coaches, leagues, federations, athletes, students, and parents.

Uventex Labs is rapidly developing on the international market, and our advanced technologies are increasingly being chosen by private and public sports organizations and end consumers. We invite professionals who share our values and are ready to promote our ambitions worldwide. Let’s change sports technology together!

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