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Uventex Sports Hub + Adidas Combat Sports = Sustainable sport

Updated: Aug 29, 2022

In that case, when two companies’ missions coincided with each other, collaboration was born! Big sports businesses whether an event, studio, equipment, or clothes industry always have their values carried by their product. Adidas’ slogan «Impossible is nothing» is very close to Uventex Sports Hub and resonates in our hearts since the priority principle of our work is to make sports accessible to everyone.

As you know, we support event automation with all our enthusiasm. Still, not everyone pays attention to the fact that this part of Uventex business activities has another global goal environmental protection.

Today we will reveal this topic on the example of our partnership with giant Adidas Combat Sports.

Let’s accentuate three main parts and start with the popularization of virtual events. Of course, the importance of such events is due to our belief that everyone in the world should have the same opportunity to evolve and progress in sports. Many people are getting knowledge about sports and athletes only from major competitions translated on TV. But the athlete's career has a beginning long before the world championships, and it can continue and rise regardless of the distribution market of television programs.

Virtual events not only allow to participate and grow skills, despite the limitations that life can make, but it also promotes a careful attitude to nature.

There is no need for physical movement to the tournament, and accordingly, in using such deleterious transport as an airplane, train or car. Thus, the organization of virtual events and participation in them demand less resource consumption.

The next moment is directly related to the origin of Uventex. The thing is that the creation of a system for automating the registration and payment of participation fees processes is where the company began to develop. The competitions require a tremendous amount of paperwork, and triggered by this fact, delays and various errors also need to be marked. These factors served as a starting point for understanding that the system of holding events needs a reboot and refinement.

Everything that used to be on paper, we provide in electronic format, including registration, payments, instructions, start lists, athletes’ cards, all reports, etc. We are announcing a new sustainable sports era without meaningless waste paper.

With Adidas Combat Sports, we have repeatedly organized many unforgettable events on online masterclasses, training sessions with Adidas’ ambassador and certified trainer Dilyara Bukatar, and virtual karate tournaments and championships.

Besides the events, one more project was introduced by this productive partnership.

The last, but not the least important point is equipment and sports uniform.

The significance and relevance of recycling are widely covered in Adidas’ informative advertising campaigns, and these values are represented in karate merch created through joint efforts.

You can check it on Sports Hub - Uventex. What is important every piece is WKF approved. Uventex is still only at the initial stage of development in our merch. Still, we fully support the idea that quick, thoughtless shopping harms the environment and that it is possible and necessary to produce those things that can be recycled.

We are here for reasonable consumption. Right now, one of our destinations for the nearest future is to evolve and power this partnership so that as many people as possible find out that sport is more accessible than they think and that it should be sustainable. Along with Adidas Combat Sports, we will be holding several events soon. Stay tuned!


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