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Major step: Uventex provided technological support for two in-person tournaments in in Japan 🇯🇵

Updated: Aug 29, 2022

For the first time, two in-person karate tournaments powered by Uventex were held in Japan. This is a significant development — we're very excited to tell you that Uventex is now a part of the Japanese karate in-person tournaments market! These in-person tournaments are organized by our partners and co-founders of the most famous Japanese Karate Magazine, JKFan. The tournaments were held on March 26 and April 29 with Kata and Kumite divisions.

Providing technological support for two in-person karate competitions in Japan is a huge step and pride of Uventex. As you know, Karate is one of the most iconic martial arts in Japan. We’re glad to be able to provide our digital platform to karate events in Japan. We bring the most advanced event management with the smoothest course of the tournament, no paperwork, confidence, and assurance to each event participant, including athletes, fans, judges, audience, organizers, and others.

Besides, Uventex and JKFan are continuing their partnership that is embodied in the form of JKFan Cup Web Challenges, some of the biggest virtual karate tournaments in the world right now. The first Web1 Challenge powered by Uventex united almost 350 clubs from over 20 countries to compete. The sixth but not the last one was held in March 2022 — we expect more announcements of this fantastic worldwide tournament this year and invite everybody from around the world to join us!


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