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Which is more critical: achievements or points? GTMA Moggie's answer!

Updated: Nov 16, 2022

Have you heard the Uventex team rule? “Listen to your customer!” An all-in-one events solution – which we provide through our software – is called so because it can be adapted to any rules and features of a federation, league, club, and even a single division.

The youngest athletes mold to the atmosphere of the tourneys from the very beginning of their sports life. The system of assessing children's skills in GTMA Moggie forms and weapons is the one we want to talk about. There's no winner in a division… Everyone celebrates their achievements! The judges note each child's skills individually with a particular skill they highly value in a young athlete. This process is unique yet straightforward – in Uventex Judges App, a judge selects a skill from “Cool Creativity” and “Strong Punches” to “Laser Eye Contact” and “Super Speed.”

While there is no winner for an entire division, every athlete celebrates their uniqueness and sportsmanship on a tatami. There is more than cuteness behind these scores.

In the early stages of child development and cognition, it is much more important to notice what a child is good at and what needs to be tightened up. It applies to both academics and sports. A coach and parents receive positive reinforcement and valuable feedback from judges, enough for age-appropriate reflection.

What went was done right today? What could be paid more attention to? Or, why is a child better in impact force but not yet in concentration?

Yes, such a view from a judge can help to understand that something needs to be done to change the trajectory. And no ranking system would help you harmoniously and comprehensively develop a child as much as these skills noted by a professional that sees a child for the first time.

For our part, we visualized it with unique symbols created by our designers. And the children sparring categories were specially adjusted to two fights per child in a child-friendly competition format. All scoreboards are unique and motivating, as expected!

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