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Uventex ❤️ Karate!

Updated: Nov 9, 2022

We share our love for Karate every day, as in-person and virtual karate championships and tournaments are held every day on our platform! Just imagine 30-50 events a weekend, mostly karate tournaments. Impressive!

But let's agree to remember that can be a technology partner for ANY sports event!

We love sports and athletic ambitions on a competition floor. Like no one else, we know that sports are an integral part of life. It can be a hobby, a career, entertainment, a social elevator, a way of self-expression, or an impetus for development. Everyone determines for himself what sport is in their life, permanently. Sports should be accessible to everyone — this principle moves us forward in building Uventex Sports Hub.

Therefore, the most important for us will always be the success of sports events that we support with the most advanced technology! Flip the slides to the right!

Back to Uventex Karate! After the beginning of the pandemic, the market changed to a new format. Just days before the global shutdown, for many athletes, it was hard to imagine how to compete with closed borders and social distancing.

Now virtual events allow athletes to improve their skills wherever they are and whatever opportunities they have — we have a continuously updating event schedule to prove it!

Also, note that besides the virtual and in-person tournaments, we power karate masterclasses with Adidas Combat Sports. Stay tuned on to keep an eye on a competition schedule and a workout with your favorite karatekas, World Champions.

Warm and close partnerships connect Uventex with wonderful organizations: National Karate Federations, national and worldwide leagues, clubs, and Athletes Rankings. If you're a karate fan like us, develop your skills, earn points for worldwide rankings, and get experience competing with famous sports stars on our platform! We appreciate your trust!

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